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Custom ID Cards

ID Cars for every type of dog.

Custom Engraved Tags

Your Own Custom QR-Code allows quick and easy scanning directly to your dogs registration for simple verification. This is also great if you are ever separated from your dog.

Custom Bandanas

Bandanas in different colors to match your dog type

Service & Support Dog Gear

Living With Your Dog

Get the FACTS about renting a home or an apartment and living with your dog. We give you the vital information you need before you approach a landlord. Know your rights to live with your Service Dog or other support animal. Don’t be pushed around by a unlawful restrictions. Booking a Hotel? Get inside info on how to deal with overnight stays and rentals.

Traveling With Your Dog

From Air, Land and Sea … Navigating the regulations of airlines, public transportation and cruises can be risky. Don’t get stranded in a terminal. If you have been wronged by the transportation industry or are confused by the ever-changing rules … Join us! We help you travel easily with your service dog or support animal.

Public Access With Your Dog

Don’t wait … Join us to learn everything you need to know about visiting events, venues, restaurants and all other public places with your dog.  Too many times we’ve seen people get turned away or stopped at a gate without legal reason.  We give you the knowledge and confidence to go anywhere legally possible without the hassle and wait times.  Have you been restricted from entry into a public place unlawfully?  Let us help you get the justice you deserve.

Assistance Dog Registration

Need to register your dog as an assistance dog? There are various options and once registered with us, you can take advantage of our resources and be eligible to use our premier member services.  We also keep you up on the latest changes in rules and restrictions.  Be informed about the most recent court rulings, legal files and lawsuits.  We compile and organize the news articles that affect you most. We have the answers your looking for — Join Us Now!

More Reasons To Join

Access Online Forms

We have an extensive library of online forms & information for you to download or complete online. We can guide you through the legal maze of forms to help you get results. Defend your rights or gain access to entry you might not even know is possible. The right form can be the key to unlocking access and help you benefit from having your dog by your side.

Members Only Area

We provide you with an online resource to keep and protect yourself ... Join us and become a part of a quickly growing group of people who share your concerns and need for a Service or support animal. When you sign up you will have access to the help you need. Take advantage of all or services and legal resources!

Online Dashboard

The rules and regulations are constantly being changed and you never know when you may need assistance. We have set up an online dashboard to better serve our growing membership. You can login anytime and use our resources without restriction. Plus! we have added a 24hr Access Hub that can be there for you!

Assistance Partners

The Service Dog Assurance Group is here to serve you. We work hard to ensure the rights of our members, usually we can help solve the situation. Rarely, we run across situations that go beyond our scope. To assist Service Dog owners in tough situations, we can find legal partners that can help with any legal issues.

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