Service & Support Dog Resources


Guidance for Handlers of Service and Therapy Animals Download
How To Protect Yourself When Caring For A Service/Therapy Animal With COVID-19 Download
If Your Service/Therapy Animal Is Tested For COVID-19 And Is Confirmed To Be Infected Download
Ways To Protect Service Animals Download
Ways To Protect Therapy Animals Download
What To Do If Your Service/Therapy Animal Gets Sick From COVID-19 Download
When It Is Safe For Your Service/Therapy Animal To Be Around Others: Ending Home Isolation After COVID-19 Download
Public Accommodation
ADA Revised Requirements: Service Animals Download
Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business Download
Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA Download
Grill v. Costco Corp. Download
Storms v. Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. Download
U.S. Department of Transportation
NEW – DOT Air Transportation Service Animal Health Form Download
NEW – DOT Service Animal Behavior and Training Attestation Form Download
NEW – DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form Download
Housing Laws & Information
Assessing a Person’s Request to Have an Animal as a Reasonable Accommodation Under the Fair Housing Act Download
ServiceAnimals and Assistance Animals for People with Disabilities in Housing and HUD-Funded Programs Download
HUD SAMPLE letter for Companion/ESA Animal Download
USA Housing Cerificate Download
ADA Discrimination Complaints Visit
Discrimination by an Employer Visit
Discrimination By An Educational Institution Visit
Discrimination by a Housing Provider Visit
Discrimination By A Transportation Service Provider Visit
US Federal Law
Service/ESA Animals And U.S. Federal Law – Reasonable Housing Accommodations Information Document Download
ADA Service Animals and U.S. Federal Law – Public Access Information Document Download
Ride Services Information
Amtrak Traveling With Service Animals Download
Greyhound Service Animals Download
Lyft’s Platform Service Animal Policy For Ride Download
LYFT Rider Pamphlet – Riding With Service Animals Download
UBER Service Animal Policy (U.S.) – Accessibility At UBER Download
Airline Information
The Top 10 Most Pet-Friendly Airports In The US Download
Allegiant Airlines Passengers with Special Needs Download
Delta Airlines Service And Support Animals Download
Frontier Airlines Traveling With An Emotional Support Animal Download
Frontier Airlines Traveling With A Trained Service Animal Download
Hawaiian Airlines Service Animals Download
Hawaiian Airlines Support Animals Download
Jet Blue Airlines Emotional Support Animals Download
Jet Blue Airlines Psychiatric Service Animals Download
Jet Blue Airlines Service Animals Download
Southwest Airlines Advance Notice Of Disability Download
Southwest Airlines Emotional Support Animals Download
Southwest Airlines Trained Service Animals Download
Airline Forms
Alaska Airlines Animal Mental Health Form Download
Allegiant Airlines Emotional Psychiatric Support Animal Form Download
Allegiant Airlines Service Animal Forms Download
American Airlines Emotional Support / Psychiatric Service Animal Request Download
American Airlines Service And Emotional Support Form Download
American Airlines Animal Sanitation Form Download
DELTA Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animal Request Download
Frontier Emotional Support Animal Form Download
Hawaiian Airlines Alternative Documentation Form Download
Hawaiian Airlines Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animal Form Download
JetBlue Medical/Mental Health Professional Form Download
Spirit Airlines ESAN Forms (English) Download
Spirit Airlines ESAN Forms (Spanish) Download
United Airlines Psychiatric/Emotional Support Animal Authorization Download

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